As you are most likely very aware, Covid-19 is having a dramatic effect on all of our lives. Here at Assured Inventories, this is also very much true. Alongside government guidelines, we are still working to provide our top quality inventory products to our customers. There are a few changes to our services to protect us & you.


We are carrying out inventories as usual. We are happy to pick up / drop off keys to wherever you may now be working from if your offices are closed. We please ask you to sanitise all keys before they are handed over.

If handovers are to happen at the property, we suggest that you arrive first, lay the keys in the kitchen & wait outside.

Then, once I arrive, you can leave & I can enter the property without us being within 2m of each other as per government guidelines.

Check Ins

We are not carrying out check ins during this time due to the necessary contact with tenants. We recommend that you strongly advise your tenants to make checking the inventory thoroughly the first thing they do after receiving the keys.

Check Outs

We are carrying these out, but will only do so in an empty property. We suggest that either the tenants return the keys to the agent/landlord & I collect them. Please sanitise the keys before collection. Alternatively, the tenant can leave the keys in the property & wait outside until I arrive. Any questions can be answered from a safe distance of more than 2m. Then they can leave & I can enter the property to carry out the report. There will be no absolutely check outs carried out with the tenant present.

Property Inspections

We are not carrying out property inspections during this time due to risks of entering occupied residences. There are ways that agents & landlords can request their tenants to fill in reports & send supporting photographs via various means. The AIIC have recommended the TouchRight App. They can be contacted at or on 01904390109.

If you have any questions about our working practices at this time, please feel free to contact us on the information listed here.

For further Covid-19 advice, please read the following sources:



NHS for further information: